Robert Webb
Microsoft  MCSE (NT4) Certified
Microsoft  MCP + Internet Certified
Microsoft  MCT Certified (Retired 2003)

Cisco      CCNA Certified
Citrix       CCA Certified
CompTIA  Network + Certified
CompTIA  A+ Certified

Robert Webb brings over 20 years of experience in Electronics and PC Computers.

Robert holds a Certificate of Completion and a Bachelors Degree 'honons causa' in Transportation Design (Automotive Design) from   Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California. Certified by Microsoft® as an MCSE NT4 (Microsoft® Certified Systems Engineer), MCP +Internet (Microsoft® Certified Professional plus Internet) and retired from being an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer). Certified Network+ and  A+ by CompTIA Certification Program. Earned his Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA. Citrix Certified Administrator CCA Certified. 

His early career, right out of college(1983), is one of Product and Transportation Design. Notable examples of his art and design work include the 1986 Knight Rider Television Car, and unseen police cars from the first RoboCop movie respectively. To view samples, click 'Roberts Art' on the left navigation bar.

He designed electronic 'gadgets' for use in several projects and wrote a booklet about programming in Texas Instruments TMS 9900 Assembly Language on the TI 99/4a computer(1986). Automotive design work was fun, but as a newlywed he decided to work in the fast growing electronics/computer field while continuing the art and design work.

Trained on the job by Bell+Howell® Phillipsburg Division(1985) and in electronics by NRI ® correspondence school(1991) he eventually became Senior Field Tech for Bell+Howell Phillipsburg division in the Los Angeles office. He was Bell+Howells', sole, on-site Senior Tech at a Major California Bank mail center. He mastered most of Bell+Howell Phillipsburgs' product line of computer controlled mail inserting and sorting equipment. He worked for 2 years as an electronics technician for a civilian contractor based at China Lake Naval Weapons Center in Ridgecrest, California.

Working for a major Private Foundation (1993), he was trained on Novell® networking products. He has expanded his knowledge base to include Microsoft® Network Operating Systems. An early adopter, he has had strong production experience in Designing, Building, Deploying and Maintaining Windows NT®, Windows 2000® and Windows 2003® networks since early 1996. Certified for Internet connectivity, HTTP (Web), FTP, RAS, NNTP, SMTP and E-mail Site Design.

He is dedicated to the Microsoft® Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95® & DOS 3.1 to 6.22 family of operating systems and applications. He has over 8 years experience in the installation and support of Microsoft® Office, 'Epicor' Platinum Accounting, 'Data Broadcasting Corporation' (DBC) eSignal Stock Market and 'MicroEdge' Gifts for Windows Software. His education is ongoing. He is currently studying the family of 'C' programming languages (ANSI C, C++, C#), Visual Basic and the Linux Operating System.

Robert Webb's Training Cert.'s (Class), Exams and Certificates

Training Certificate in
C++ Programming for Non-C Programmers (August 8, 2003)

Training Certificate in
ANSI C Programming (July 11, 2003)

Certificate of Achievment in
Visual Basic v6.0 (2002)

CCNA Certification Program (Title Awarded 4-26-00)
Cisco Certified Network Associate - CCNA

Exam: CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam (Passed 4-26-00)
Cisco Career Certification

Certificate of Achievement in
Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices

Certificate of Achievement in
CTX-410 Advanced Citrix Server Implementation

CCA Certification Program (Title Awarded 12-9-99)
Citrix Metaframe Certified Service Technician - CCA

Exam: Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 Certification Exam (Passed 12-9-99)
Citrix MetaFrame v1.8 Administration

Certificate of Achievement in
CTX-302.2 MetaFrame Administration

Certificate of Excellence (Title Awarded 10-23-99)
Microsoft® Certified Trainer  - MCT

Network + Certification Program (Title Awarded 10-6-99)
CompTIA Network + Certified Service Technician - Network +

Exam: Network + Certification (Passed 10-6-99)
Network + Service Technician

A+ Certification Program (Title Awarded 9-24-99)
CompTIA A+ Certified Service Technician - A+

Exam: Core (Passed 9-24-99)
A+ Core Service Technician

Exam: DOS/Windows (Passed 9-24-99)
A+ DOS/Microsoft Windows Service Technician

Certificate of Completion
Train the Trainer (Microsoft) - By Net 10 Technologies, Inc.
(Prerequisite for MCT)

Certificate of Excellence (Title Awarded 9-9-99)
Microsoft® Certified Professional Plus Internet  - MCP + Internet

Exam: 070-087 (Passed 9-9-99)
Implementing and Supporting Microsoft® Internet Information Server 4.0

Certificate of Achievement
833: Implementing a Database Design on Microsoft® SQL Server 7.0

Certificate of Achievement
832: Systems Administration for MS SQL Server 7.0

Certificate of Achievement
936: Creating & Configuring a Web Server Using Internet Info Server 4.0

Certificate of Excellence (Title Awarded 8-2-99)
Microsoft® Certified Professional Systems Engineer - MCSE

Exam: 070-079 (Passed 8-2-99)
Implementing and Supporting Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 by using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit

Certificate of Achievement
956: Implementing Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 (IEAK)

Exam: 070-058 (Passed 1-29-99)
Networking Essentials

Exam: 070-068 (Passed 1-29-99)
Implementing and Supporting Microsoft® Windows NT® Server 4.0 in the Enterprise

Exam: 070-059 (Passed 1-25-99)
Internetworking with Microsoft® TCP/IP on Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0

Exam: 070-073 (Passed 1-22-99)
Implementing and Supporting Microsoft® Windows NT® Workstation 4

Certificate of Excellence (Title Awarded 1-22-99)
Microsoft® Certified Professional - MCP

Exam: 070-067 (Passed 1-22-99)
Implementing and Supporting Microsoft® Windows NT® Server 4.0

Certificate of Achievement in
SQL Server v6.X Administration

Certificate of Achievement in
Microsoft® Implementation of TCP/IP on Windows NT®  v4.0

Certificate of Achievement in
Implementations of TCP/IP

Certificate of Achievement in
Windows NT®  v4.0 Server and Enterprise Implementation

Certificate of Achievement in
Windows NT®  v4.0 Core Technologies and Administration

Certificate of Achievement in
Microsoft® Networking Essentials

Certificate of Excellence
659 Supporting Windows NT® Server v3.51

Certificate of Excellence
505 Support Windows NT®  v3.51

Certificate CompUSA
Introduction to Excel 5.0

Certificate Saber Education
Saber LAN Workstation 2.0 Administrator

Novell® Education Certificate
3.11 to 4.0 Update

Novell® Education Certificate
Service & Support

Novell® Education Certificate
Networking Technologies

Novell® Education Certificate
3.11 Advanced System Manager

Novell® Education Certificate
3.11 System Manager

NRI® Schools Certificate (Title Awarded 5-93)
Digital Microcomputer Technology

Certificate of Membership NRI® Alumni Association (Title Awarded 5-93)
Robert Webb is a Graduate of NRI of Washington, D.C., and as such is entitled to all the benefits and privileges of the NRI Alumni Association.

NRI® Schools Certificate (Title Awarded 8-91)
Computer and Digital Logic