Brash Crash'agin! Comic's

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Updated: Jan 30, 2002

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Brash Crash'agin! is a comic book character I came up with so that I could show my drawings to the public. They were intended for the large "Model Airplane" Hobby crowd. A magazine wanted to publish these, but they asked me to put them in a different size format. Work? You mean I have to actually work at this cartoon stuff? I just wanted to draw it!

I enjoy the process of coming up with a gag. I just wish my pen had a spell checker!

This character could be put in to almost any situation involving vehicles. As long as I get to draw moving man made objects, I'm happy! The designs are mine and I intend them to be real "flying" model aircraft. I expected that some people would take the time to study the drawings and actually build some of them. I never seem to have the time!

I am a frustrated Aircraft Designer. Not content with just designing cars, I like anything I could pilot, be it on the land, sea, air, underground or in outer space! But, No one would dare trust me to actually Design, Build and Test one of these things full size. The darn FAA would put a stop to me right away! Burt Rutan might like to take a stab at one though. It is my secret fantasy to see one of them functional and full size.

I want to make more Brash Comic's, but I never make the TIME!

Like what you see? Tell me if you want more of Brash.

Yes, I know. In the future, I promise to never hand letter anything again! It will all be nice computer fonts.

This is a silly cartoon I did way back in 1983 for my Uncle Bob. He was a milkman and handed these out to all of his customers that Christmas. This picture is for my Cousins to see. I hope it conjours up fond memories.