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D.A.R.E. Van Design

DARE van

Wings from my imagination. Winged ideas

Art work and design odds and ends. Art Odds and Ends

My Do-All vehicle. Do-All

'Sisters of Mercy', Rock Video Shoot. Black Planet 1985

My Brash Crash'agin Comic. Brash!

'RoboCop', the movie. Movie Car Design and Car Construction

'RoboCop', the movie. Production Crew

'Knight Rider' K.I.T.T. car. Knight Rider

The comedian 'Gallagher' and 'Super Dave's' Land Yacht.

The story and photos of my car from Ron Howard's teen Movie: 'Eat My Dust' Old Number 11

Read excerpts from two of my screenplays:

'DELTA BLACK'     Writers Guild of America West, Registration Number #:852722

'BRONX BUTTERFLY' Writers Guild of America West, Registration Number #:908376
BRONX BUTTERFLY tag line (One sentence synopsis):
"All her life, Rachel was tied to the musical Butterfly House, but somehow found fulfillment and even unexpected love under its roof in her sunset years."

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